My videos, images, musics and others, that can be seen and freely downloaded by anybody from this web-site, may be considered "alternative"mainly because nobody has to pay to get them. I won't say anything about my own idea of video-art, images or art itself, because I hope my works are able to give enough informations about it. No explanations are needed.. Each video you can see in this web-site is part of a longer video I have produced and converted into MPEG2 for DVD. I only want to do one general statement: I use internet comunication because I believe that it has become a comunication instrument just as independent as cinema, TV or visual arts. My name is Virginio Sparavigna. I live in Italy.
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Battito Le parole scompaiono per la nuova presenza. Impulsi tracciano i battiti senza lasciare tracce, canti non visti scompaiono ad ogni battuta, filamenti d’argento guizzano invisibili, la natura si sottrae alla vista, ciascun impulso si nutre del proprio silenzio. E’ sorprendente non …. ivere. la natura strappa le sue reti, risale altre correnti, si disarticola in infinite fonti.