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My videos, images, musics and others, that can be seen and freely downloaded by anybody from this web-site, may be considered "alternative"mainly because nobody has to pay to get them. I won't say anything about my own idea of video-art, images or art itself, because I hope my works are able to give enough informations about it. No explanations are needed.. Each video you can see in this web-site is part of a longer video I have produced and converted into MPEG2 for DVD. I only want to do one general statement: I use internet comunication because I believe that it has become a comunication instrument just as independent as cinema, TV or visual arts. My name is Virginio Sparavigna. I live in Italy.

videos from august 2006 to october 2007 almost 200 videos
videos from october 2007 to september 2010 almost 300 videos
videos from September 2010 to October 2012 almost 300 videos

videos from 04th October 2012 to now

explorer, alternative video artexplorer, body artduration:0:20:54
file mp4.size 174,3 MB, streaming 1000k,JANUARY 2014

park, alternative video artpark, video artduration:0:08:24
file mp4.size 120,2 MB, streaming 1000k,JANUARY 2014

destination, alternative video artdestination, video artduration:0:06:01
file mp4.size 49,9 MB, streaming 1000k,JANUARY 2014

suffering, alternative video artsuffering, video artduration:0:04:47
file mp4.size 41,1 MB, streaming 1000k,JANUARY 2014

ultimate, alternative video artultimate, video artduration:0:14:56
file mp4.size 123,3 MB, streaming 1000k,JANUARY 2014

2progression, alternative video art2progression, hatha yoga videoduration:0:35:47
file mp4.size 315 MB, streaming 1000k,JANUARY 2014

zona, alternative video artzona, video communicationduration:0:07:15
file mp4.size 60,3 MB, streaming 1000k,DECEMBER 2013

3acts, alternative video art3acts, video communicationduration:0:11:04
file mp4.size 74 MB, streaming 1000k,DECEMBER 2013

trans_video, alternative video arttrans_video, video communicationduration:0:04:34
file mp4.size 35,9 MB, streaming 1000k,DECEMBER 2013

after15km, alternative video artafter15km, hatha yoga training
after 15 km jogging, less
flexibility but a lot of energy
file mp4.size 193 MB, streaming 512k,DECEMBER 2013

greedly, alternative video artgreedly, video comunicationduration:0:14:23
file mp4.size 88,4 MB, streaming 1000k,DECEMBER 2013

inside alternative video artinside, video communicationduration:0:12:19
file mp4.size 88,8 MB, streaming 1000k,DECEMBER 2013

hidden_life, alternative video arthidden_life, video communicationduration:0:04:21
file mp4.size 25,9 MB, streaming 1000k,DECEMBER 2013

hd_soul, alternative video arthd_soul, video communicationduration:0:15:52
file mp4.size 130,8 MB, streaming 1000k,DECEMBER 2013

icaro, alternative video articaro, video communicationduration:0:07:39
file mp4.size 50,3 MB, streaming 1000k,DECEMBER 2013

heat, alternative video artheat, hatha yoga videoduration:0:13:36
file mp4.size 92,9 MB, streaming 1000k,NOVEMBER 2013

delta, alternative video artdelta, body artduration:0:11:58
file mp4.size 63 MB, streaming 1000k,NOVEMBER 2013

joy, alternative video artjoy, hatha yoga videoduration:0:41:54
file mp4.size 295 MB, streaming 1000k,NOVEMBER 2013

karpam, alternative video artkarpam, video artduration:0:06:01
file mp4.size 44 MB, streaming 1000k,NOVEMBER 2013

2melody, alternative video art2melody, video artduration:0:06:00
file wmv.size 39,8 Mb, streaming 1000k,NOVEMBER 2013

melody, alternative video artmelody, video artduration:0:18:42
file wmv.size 93,1 Mb, streaming 1000k,NOVEMBER 2013

moon, alternative video artmoon, video artduration:0:12:10
file wmv.size 78,5 Mb, streaming 1000k,NOVEMBER 2013

soft, hatha yoga videosoft,slow hatha yoga videoduration:0:23:07
file wmv.size 117,5 Mb, streaming 750k,NOVEMBER 2013

train, alternative video arttrain, alternative video artduration:0:02:33
file wmv.size 9,6Mb, streaming 1000k,NOVEMBER 2013

asana, hatha yoga videoasana, hatha yoga videoduration:0:24:37
file wmv.size 148,9 Mb, streaming 1000k,NOVEMBER 2013

tree,video arttree,video artduration:0:03:09
file wmv.size 21 Mb, streaming 1000k,OCTOBER 2013

take,video arttake,video artduration:0:12:58
file wmv.size 52,4 Mb, streaming 1000k,OCTOBER 2013

flare, hatha yoga videoflare, hatha yoga videoduration:0:33.:29
file wmv.size 170,4 Mb, streaming 750k,OCTOBER 2013

18back, hatha yoga video18back, hatha yoga videoduration:0:09.:07
file wmv.size 60,5 Mb, streaming 1000k,OCTOBER 2013

cofffe, video artcofffe, video comunicationduration:0:09.:06
file wmv.size 18,2 Mb, streaming 1000k,OCTOBER 2013

net, video artnet, video comunicationduration:0:08.:07
file wmv.size 53,7 Mb, streaming 1000k,OCTOBER 2013

yoga7, hatha yoga videoyoga7, hatha yoga videoduration:0:13.:49
file wmv.size 91,4 Mb, streaming 1000k,OCTOBER 2013

radius, video artradius, video comunicationduration:0:14.:14
file wmv.size 21,9 Mb, streaming 1000k,OCTOBER 2013

drops, hatha yoga videodrops, hatha yoga videoduration:0:19.:19
file wmv.size 57,2 Mb, streaming 1000k,OCTOBER 2013

do_re, body art videodo_re, body artduration:0:13.:07
file wmv.size 85,6 Mb, streaming 1000k,SEPTEMBER 2013

happy_legs, body art videohappy_legs, body artduration:0:11:08
file wmv.size 73,08 Mb, streaming 1000k,SEPTEMBER 2013

heater, body art videoheater, body artduration:0:21:40
file wmv.size 143,4 Mb, streaming 1000k,SEPTEMBER 2013

glass, hatha yoga videoglass, hatha yoga videoduration:0:08:56
file wmv.size 53,8 Mb, streaming 1000k,SEPTEMBER 2013

cover webcover, video comunicationduration:0:07:27
file wmv.size 25,8 Mb, streaming 1000k,SEPTEMBER 2013

alien webalieno, video comunicationduration:0:06:34
file wmv.size 42,3 Mb, streaming 1000k,SEPTEMBER 2013

pop webpop, video comunicationduration:0:06:04
file wmv.size 40,04 Mb, streaming 1000k,SEPTEMBER 2013

1thmorpho,web yoga1thmorpho, video comunicationduration:0:19:16
file wmv.size 31,8 Mb, streaming 1000k,SEPTEMBER 2013

excited,web yogaexcited, video comunicationduration:0:23:03
file wmv.size 113,3 Mb, streaming 750k,AUGUST 2013

oggi_yoga,web yogaoggi_yoga, video comunicationduration:0:14:22
file wmv.size 95,1 Mb, streaming 1000k,AUGUST 2013

octopus,web artoctopus, video comunicationduration:0:19:02
file wmv.size 125,4 Mb, streaming 1000k,AUGUST 2013

manipulation,web artmanipulation, video comunicationduration:0:19:43
file wmv.size 29 Mb, streaming 1000k,AUGUST 2013

peacefull,web artpeacefull, video comunicationduration:0:12:33
file wmv.size 83,1 Mb, streaming 1000k,AUGUST 2013

echos,web artechos, video comunicationduration:0:12:30
file wmv.size 66,3 Mb, streaming 1000k,AUGUST 2013

xflash,web artxflash, video comunicationduration:0:12:30
file wmv.size 67,5 Mb, streaming 1000k,AUGUST 2013

integration,web artintegration, video comunicationduration:0:59:24
file wmv.size 302 Mb, streaming 750k,AUGUST 2013

activity,web artactivity, video comunicationduration:0:25:28
file wmv.size 168,4 Mb, streaming 1000k,AUGUST 2013

grasp,web artgrasp, video comunicationduration:0:09:49
file wmv.size 26,5 Mb, streaming 1000k,JULY 2013

up,web artup, video comunicationduration:0:08:50
file wmv.size 29,4 Mb, streaming 1000k,JULY 2013

stereo_mind,web artstereo_mind, video comunicationduration:0:08:33
file wmv.size 56,4 Mb, streaming 1000k,JULY 2013

lateral_yoga, hatha yogalateral_yoga, video comunicationduration:0:15:07
file wmv.size 100 Mb, streaming 1000k,JULY 2013

slow_kanda, hatha yogaslow_kanda, video comunicationduration:0:12:48
file wmv.size 84,8 Mb, streaming 1000k,JULY 2013

rain_clock,video artrain_clock, video comunicationduration:0:05:46
file wmv.size 30 Mb, streaming 1000k,JULY 2013

quietness, hatha yoga videoquietness,hatha yoga videoduration:0:31:14
file wmv.size 150 Mb, streaming 1000k,JULY 2013

throb,video artthrob,alternative comunicationduration:0:18:17
file wmv.size 120,8 Mb, streaming 1000k,JULY 2013

location,video artlocation,alternative comunicationduration:0:10:40
file wmv.size 68,8 Mb, streaming 1000k,JULY 2013

21_june_y,video art21_june_y,alternative comunicationduration:0:18:15
file wmv.size 117 Mb, streaming 1000k,JUNE 2013

midnight,video artmidnight,alternative comunicationduration:0:05:58
file wmv.size 18,7 Mb, streaming 1000k,JUNE 2013

night_day,video artnight_day,alternative comunicationduration:0:18:25
file wmv.size 113 Mb, streaming 1000k,JUNE 2013

resting_b,video artresting_b,alternative comunicationduration:0:07:29
file wmv.size 48 Mb, streaming 1000k,JUNE 2013

resting_a,video artresting_a,alternative comunicationduration:0:03:08
file wmv.size 19,6 Mb, streaming 1000k,JUNE 2013

loci,video artloci,alternative comunicationduration:0:31:13
file wmv.size 220 Mb, streaming 1000k,JUNE 2013

rui,video artrui,alternative comunicationduration:0:24:23
file wmv.size 160 Mb, streaming 1000k,JUNE 2013

after_shot,video artafter_shot,alternative comunicationduration:0:05:16
file wmv.size 28,91Mb, streaming 1000k,JUNE 2013

res,video artres,alternative comunicationduration:0:05:19
file wmv.size 31,91Mb, streaming 1000k,JUNE 2013

backto_back,video artbackto_back,alternative comunicationduration:0:28:18
file wmv.size 128,81Mb, streaming 1000k,JUNE 2013

simpatia,video artsimpatia,alternative comunicationduration:0:17:15
file wmv.size 114,1Mb, streaming 1000k,May 2013

22dance,video art22dance,alternative comunicationduration:0:13:27
file wmv.size 88,1Mb, streaming 1000k,May 2013

bit_asanas,video yogabit_asanas,alternative comunicationduration:0:37:55
file wmv.size 193Mb, streaming 750k,May 2013

body_maggio,video artbody_maggio,alternative comunicationduration:0:04:58
file wmv.size 33Mb, streaming 1000k,May 2013

favourite_night,video artfavourite_night,alternative comunicationduration:0:11:31
file wmv.size 55,1 Mb, streaming 1000k,May 2013

llland,video artcold-yoga,alternative comunicationduration:0:21:06
file wmv.size 140 Mb, streaming 1000k,May 2013

llland,video artllland of silence,alternative comunicationduration:0:05:52
file wmv.size 38,9 Mb, streaming 1000k,May 2013

mosaic,video artmosaic,alternative comunicationduration:0:07:56
file wmv.size 33,6 Mb, streaming 1000k,May 2013

fleetly,video artfleetly,alternative comunicationduration:0:12:23
file wmv.size 59,9 Mb, streaming 1000k,May 2013

body_scanner,video artbody_scanner,alternative comunicationduration:0:04:14
file wmv.size 21,6 Mb, streaming 1000k,May 2013

ice,video artice,alternative comunicationduration:0:09:38
file wmv.size 53,3 Mb, streaming 1000k,May 2013

musical_life,video artmusical_life,alternative comunicationduration:0:07:57
file wmv.size 52,2 Mb, streaming 1000k,April 2013

nova_x,video artnova_x,alternative comunicationduration:0:11:24
file wmv.size 75,2 Mb, streaming 1000k,April 2013

intimity,video artintimity,alternative comunicationduration:0:03:55
file wmv.size 15,5 Mb, streaming 1000k,April 2013

faraway,video artfaraway,alternative comunicationduration:0:07:00
file wmv.size 46,5 Mb, streaming 1000k,April 2013

winter,video artwinter,alternative comunicationduration:0:03:16
file wmv.size 12,5 Mb, streaming 1000k,April 2013

new_team,video artnew_team,alternative comunicationduration:0:09:56
file wmv.size 65 Mb, streaming 1000k,April 2013

fullday,video artfullday,alternative comunicationduration:0:08:03
file wmv.size 53 Mb, streaming 1000k,April 2013

vision,video artvision,alternative comunicationduration:0:05:05
file wmv.size 7,5 Mb, streaming 1000k,April 2013

love,video artlove,alternative comunicationduration:0:05:11
file wmv.size 34,5 Mb, streaming 1000k,April 2013

chronicle,video artchronicle,alternative comunicationduration:0:02:46
file wmv.size 18 Mb, streaming 1000k,April 2013

superootto,video artsuperootto,alternative comunicationduration:0:07:55
file wmv.size 45,2 Mb, streaming 1000k,March 2013

machine,video artmachine,alternative comunicationduration:0:15:23
file wmv.size 80 Mb, streaming 1000k,March 2013

men,video artmen,alternative comunicationduration:0:16:38
file wmv.size 78 Mb, streaming 1000k,March 2013

fiorito,video artfiorito,alternative comunicationduration:0:08:16
file wmv.size 54 Mb, streaming 1000k,March 2013

march2013,alternative video-comunication,march2013,hatha_yoga videoduration:0:27:07
file wmv.size 138Mb, streaming 5752k,March 2013

first_sound,video artfirst_sound,alternative comunicationduration:0:21:05
file wmv.size 61,9 Mb, streaming 1000k,March 2013

deepness,alternative video-comunication,deepness,hatha_yoga videoduration:0:47:27
file wmv.size 162Mb, streaming 512k,March 2013

argon,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artargon,alternative comunicationduration:0:12:58
file wmv.size 82,4 Mb, streaming 1000k,March 2013

trio,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video arttrio,alternative comunicationduration:0:06:23
file wmv.size 42 Mb, streaming 1000k,March 2013

drawings2013,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artdrawings2013,alternative comunicationduration:0:08:57
file wmv.size 21 Mb, streaming 1000k,March 2013

do_life,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artdo_life,alternative comunicationduration:0:08:01
file wmv.size 53,2 Mb, streaming 1000k,February 2013

external_life,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artexternal_life,alternative comunicationduration:0:17:08
file wmv.size 113,2 Mb, streaming 1000k,February 2013

eschimo,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video arteschimo,alternative comunicationduration:0:13:22
file wmv.size 62,2 Mb, streaming 1000k,February 2013

algorithm,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artalgorithm,alternative comunicationduration:0:08:46
file wmv.size 57,7 Mb, streaming 1000k,February 2013

progression,alternative video-comunication,progression,hatha_yoga videoduration:0:23:51
file wmv.size 157Mb, streaming 1000k,FEbruary 2013

fogless,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artfogless,alternative comunicationduration:0:09:11
file wmv.size 60,5 Mb, streaming 1000k,February 2013

raw_medit,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artraw_medit,alternative comunicationduration:0:15:24
file wmv.size 26 Mb, streaming 1000k,February 2013

homo_again,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video arthomo_again,alternative comunicationduration:0:06:31
file wmv.size 43 Mb, streaming 1000k,February 2013

mixar,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artmixar,alternative comunicationduration:0:03:28
file wmv.size 22,9 Mb, streaming 1000k,February 2013

new_end,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artnew_end,alternative comunicationduration:0:13:54
file wmv.size 45 Mb, streaming 1000k,February 2013

2one_storm,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video art2one_storm,alternative comunicationduration:0:11:22
file wmv.size 75,2 Mb, streaming 1000k,January 2013

one_storm,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artone_storm,alternative comunicationduration:0:07:27
file wmv.size 48,8 Mb, streaming 1000k,January 2013

center_2013,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artcenter_2013,alternative comunicationduration:0:09:06
file wmv.size 35,5 Mb, streaming 1000k,January 2013

air,alternative video-comunication,air,hatha_yoga videoduration:0:22:47
file wmv.size 150,6 Mb, streaming 1000k,January 2013

body_dance,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artbody_dance,alternative comunicationduration:0:07:22
file wmv.size 48,8 Mb, streaming 1000k,January 2013

game,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artgame,alternative comunicationduration:0:09:21
file wmv.size 61,5 Mb, streaming 1000k,January 2013

relief,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artrelief,alternative comunicationduration:0:18:17
file wmv.size 30,6 Mb, streaming 1000k,January 2013

phisical_life,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artphysical_life,alternative comunicationduration:0:14:24
file wmv.size 95,2 Mb, streaming 1000k,January 2013

lightnight,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artlightnight,alternative comunicationduration:0:16:48
file wmv.size 62,7 Mb, streaming 1000k,January 2013

2013opening,alternative video-comunication,2013opening,hatha_yoga videoduration:0:30:16
file wmv.size 200 Mb, streaming 1000k,January 2013

final_map,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artfinal_map,alternative comunicationduration:0:13:28
file wmv.size 88,5 Mb, streaming 1000k,December 2012

asana_download,alternative video-comunication,asana_download,hatha_yoga videoduration:0:27:48
file wmv.size 183,6 Mb, streaming 1000k,December 2012

river,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artriver,alternative comunicationduration:0:05:29
file wmv.size 36,4 Mb, streaming 1000k,December 2012

living_map,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artliving_map,alternative comunicationduration:0:18:11
file wmv.size 116,9 Mb, streaming 1000k,December 2012

rocks,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artrocks,alternative comunicationduration:0:07:20
file wmv.size 48,7 Mb, streaming 1000k,December 2012

around_yoga,alternative video-comunication,around_yoga,hatha_yoga videoduration:0:13:00
file wmv.size 89 Mb, streaming 1000k,December 2012

peace,alternative video-comunication,peace,hatha_yoga videoduration:0:17:08
file wmv.size 113 Mb, streaming 1000k,December 2012

red_shift,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artred_shift,alternative comunicationduration:0:15:10
file wmv.size 78,10 Mb, streaming 1000k,December 2012

yoga_training,alternative video-comunication,yoga_training,hatha_yoga videoduration:0:23:01
file wmv.size 153 Mb, streaming 1000k,December 2012

y_poetry,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video arty_poetry,alternative comunicationduration:0:14:58
file wmv.size 29,9 Mb, streaming 1000k,December 2012

winter_sound,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artwinter_sound,alternative comunicationduration:0:10:51
file wmv.size 71,8 Mb, streaming 1000k,November 2012

out_of_chains,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artout_of_chains,alternative comunicationduration:0:03:30
file wmv.size 21,4 Mb, streaming 1000k,November 2012

vai,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artvai,alternative comunicationduration:0:14:23
file wmv.size 57,3 Mb, streaming 1000k,November 2012

soft_soul,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artsoft_soul,alternative comunicationduration:0:09:18
file wmv.size 22,2 Mb, streaming 1000k,November 2012

termo_routine,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video arttermo_routine,alternative comunicationduration:0:02:26
file wmv.size 9,5 Mb, streaming 1000k,November 2012

x_routine,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artx_routine,alternative comunicationduration:0:13:33
file wmv.size 78,6 Mb, streaming 1000k,November 2012

versus,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artversus,alternative comunicationduration:0:06:37
file wmv.size 37,3 Mb, streaming 1000k,November 2012

quiet_night,alternative video-comunication,quiet_night,hatha_yoga videoduration:0:40:38
file wmv.size 268,5 Mb, streaming 1000k,November 2012

poets,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artpoets,alternative comunicationduration:0:12:14
file wmv.size 22,9 Mb, streaming 1000k,November 2012

ape,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artape,alternative comunicationduration:0:12:29
file wmv.size 81,9 Mb, streaming 1000k,November 2012

hatha_yoga,alternative video-comunication,5kg,hatha_yoga videoduration:0:21:37
file wmv.size 142,7 Mb, streaming 1000k,November 2012

mega_home,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artmega_home,alternative comunicationduration:0:08:03
file wmv.size 53,4 Mb, streaming 1000k,October 2012

motion,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artmotion,alternative comunicationduration:0:36:05
file wmv.size 228 Mb, streaming 1000k,October 2012

hatha_yoga,alternative video-comunication,hatha_yoga,hatha_yoga videoduration:0:29:35
file wmv.size 198 Mb, streaming 1000k,October 2012

asymmetry,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artasymmetry,alternative comunicationduration:0:22:48
file wmv.size 125,8 Mb, streaming 1000k,October 2012

movimenti,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artmovimenti,alternative comunicationduration:0:09:42
file wmv.size 43,4 Mb, streaming 1000k,October 2012

evening,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artevening,alternative comunicationduration:0:04:50
file wmv.size 15,01 Mb, streaming 1000k,October 2012

road_map,alternative video-comunication,,alternative video artroad_map,alternative comunicationduration:0:04:11
file wmv.size 27,2 Mb, streaming 1000k,October 2012