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Alternative video infos

My videos, images, musics and others, that can be seen and freely downloaded by anybody from this web-site, may be considered " alternative" mainly because nobody has to pay to get them. I won't say anything about my own idea of video-art, images or art itself, because I hope my works are able to give enough informations about it. No explanations are needed.. Each video you can see in this web-site is part of a longer video I have produced and converted into MPEG2 for DVD. I only want to do one general statement: I use internet comunication because I believe that it has become a comunication instrument just as independent as cinema, TV or visual arts. My name is Virginio Sparavigna. I live in Italy.  
videos from august 2006   to october 2007   almost 200 videos
videos from september 2010   2012almost 200 videos
videos from october 2012   to now

videos from october 2007 to 28th september 2010  
almost 200 videos

     art -videos

for_them,alternative videoartfor_them,alternative videoartduration:0:04:35,
file wmv.size 29,6 Mb streaming 1068k,September 2010

ipso_facto_sdeng,alternative videoartipso_facto_sdeng,alternative videoartduration:0:16:39,
file wmv.size 108,9 Mb streaming 1068k,September 2010

light_root,alternative videoartlight_root,alternative videoartduration:0:09:21,
file wmv.size 60 Mb streaming 1068k,September 2010

kandasana,hatha-yoga,alternative videoartkandasanaduration:0:10:18,
file wmv.size 66,6 Mb streaming 1068k,September 2010

peace_now,alternative videoartpeace_nowduration:0:13:00,
file wmv.size 84,1 Mb streaming 1068k,September 2010

change your wedding_party,alternative videoartchange your wedding partyduration:0:14:22,
file wmv.size 67,7 Mb streaming 1068k,September 2010

change,alternative videoart,changing my anatomychangeduration:0:03:53,
file wmv.size 25,8 Mb streaming 1068k,September 2010

half_mouse,alternative videoarthalf_mouseduration:0:04:20,
file wmv.size 28,9 Mb streaming 1068k,September 2010

3dogs,alternative videoart3dogsduration:0:09:45,
file wmv.size 64,5 Mb streaming 1068k,September 2010

freedom for my coloured_food,alternative videoartcoloured_foodduration:0:07:44,
file wmv.size 50,8 Mb streaming 1068k,August 2010

freedom for my lateral_moon,alternative videoartlateral_moonduration:0:04:52,
file wmv.size 18,78 Mb streaming 1068k,August 2010

tax1m,alternative videoarttax1mduration:0:08:31,
file wmv.size 56,5 Mb streaming 1068k,August 2010

30 days living in the silence,alternative videoart30 days living in the silenceduration:0:11:41,
file wmv.size 78,4 Mb streaming 1068k,August 2010

silent_cloud,visual poetry,alternative videoartsilent_cloud,visual poetryduration:0:04:00,
file wmv.size 26,7 Mb streaming 1068k,August 2010

waiting,visual poetry,alternative videoartwaiting,visual poetryduration:0:05:27,
file wmv.size 28 Mb streaming 1068k,August 2010

hatha-yoga,alternative videoartbehol,hatha-yogaduration:0:24:14,
file wmv.size 83,2 Mb streaming 548k,August 2010


logicalnumbers,alternative videoartlogicalnumbersduration:0:04:38,
file wmv.size 30,9 Mb streaming 1068k,August 2010

bh1,alternative videoartbh1,hatha-yogaduration:0:03:36,
file wmv.size 33,4 Mb streaming 1068k,August 2010

time,alternative videoarttimeduration:0:13:00,
file wmv.size 66,7 Mb streaming 1068k,August 2010

meganumber,alternative videoartmeganumberduration:0:05:16,
file wmv.size 34,8 Mb streaming 1068k,July 2010

19luglio-hatha-yoga,alternative videoart19luglio-hatha-yogaduration:0:02:55,
file wmv.size 19,59 Mb streaming 1068k,July 2010

terminal,alternative videoartterminal,alternative and free videoartduration:0:11:33,
file wmv.size 66,40 Mb streaming 1068k,July 2010

triade,alternative videoarttriade,alternative and free videoartduration:0:11:06,
file wmv.size 66,02 Mb streaming 1068k,July 2010

2rinok,alternative videoart2rinok,alternative and free videoartduration:0:17:53,
file wmv.size 94,2 Mb streaming 1068k,July 2010

1rinok,alternative videoart1rinok,alternative and free videoartduration:0:03:49,
file wmv.size 25,4 Mb streaming 1068k,July 2010

new_summer,alternative videoartnew_summer,alternative and free videoartduration:0:00:55,
file wmv.size5,74 Mb streaming 1068k,July 2010

games_of_yoga,alternative videoartgames_of_yoga,alternative and free videoartduration:0:06:07,
file wmv.size 40 Mb streaming 1068k,July 2010

name,alternative videoartname,alternative and free videoartduration:0:13:23,
file wmv.size 86,6 Mb streaming 1068k,July 2010

up,alternative videoartup,alternative and free videoartduration:0:11:52,
file wmv.size 78,6 Mb streaming 1068k,June 2010

ruler,alternative videoartruler,alternative and free videoartduration:0:09:12,
file wmv.size 31,6 Mb streaming 1068k,June 2010

eco,alternative videoarteco,alternative and free videoartduration:0:11:19,
file wmv.size 53,4 Mb streaming 1068k,June 2010

variation_tradition,hatha-yoga videovariation_tradition,hatha-yoga videoduration:0:09:10,
file wmv.size 60,5 Mb streaming 1068k,June 2010

silent_table,alternative videoartsilent_table,alternative and free videoartduration:0:08:30,
file wmv.size 56,4 Mb streaming 1068k,June 2010

9tigers,alternative videoart9tigers,alternative and free videoartduration:0:05:20,
file wmv.size 35,5 Mb streaming 1068k,June 2010

real_life,alternative videoartreal_life,alternative and free videoartduration:0:04:24,
file wmv.size 30 Mb streaming 1068k,June 2010

2concentration,free download hatha-yoga videorestless concentration,hatha-yogaduration:0:10:18,
file wmv.size 68,15 Mb streaming 1068k,June 2010

concentration,free download hatha-yoga videoconcentration,hatha-yogaduration:0:12:06,
file wmv.size 80,15 Mb streaming 1068k,June 2010

giugnoyoga,free download hatha-yoga videogiugnoyoga,hatha-yogaduration:0:19:07,
file wmv.size 126 Mb streaming 1068k,June 2010

rain_k,alternative video artrain_k,videoartduration:0:12:05,
file wmv.size 80 Mb streaming 1068k,May 2010

m-mastalternative video artm-mast,videoartduration:0:10:11,
file wmv.size 64,7 Mb streaming 1068k,May 2010

gong,alternative video artgong,videoartduration:0:08:15,
file wmv.size 52,6 Mb streaming 1068k,May 2010

stop33,alternative video artstop33,videoartduration:0:03:33,
file wmv.size 23,4 Mb streaming 1068k,May 2010

ipnotizza, alternative video art in mayipnotizza,videoartduration:0:05:12,
file wmv.size 32,4 Mb streaming 1068k,May 2010

2mail alternative video art in may2mail,videoartduration:0:07:27,
file wmv.size 47,08 Mb streaming 1068k,May 2010

m08 alternative video art in maym08,videoartduration:0:20:48,
file wmv.size 134,5 Mb streaming 1068k,May 2010

lateral full asanas in maylateral full asanas,hatha-yogaduration:0:14:27,
file wmv.size 99,6 Mb streaming 1068k,May 2010

lateral-chakra-asana in maylateral-chakra-asana,hatha-yogaduration:0:02:37,
file wmv.size 17,5 Mb streaming 1068k,May 2010

slow-hatha-yoga in mayslow-hatha-yogaduration:0:25:42,
file wmv.size 130,9 Mb streaming 768k,May 2010

w66w,videoart in mayw66w,videoartduration:0:12:07,
file wmv.size 80,1 Mb streaming 1068k,May 2010

hatha yoga in Mayasana-Mayduration:0:10:28,
file wmv.size 69,2 Mb streaming 1068k,May 2010

raid,peace and comunicationraid,peace and comunicationduration:0:02:46,
file wmv.size 16,7 Mb streaming 1068k,April 2010

woodmartian woodduration:0:07:42,
file wmv.size 50,9 Mb streaming 1068k,April 2010

file wmv.size 67,6 Mb streaming 1068k,April 2010

file wmv.size 31,2 Mb streaming 1068k,April 2010

file wmv.size 36,3 Mb streaming 1068k,April 2010

file wmv.size 12,7 Mb streaming 1068k,April 2010

file wmv.size 33,7 Mb streaming 1068k,April 2010

file wmv.size 116 Mb streaming 1068k,April 2010

file wmv.size 107,5 Mb streaming 1068k,April 2010

file wmv.size 42,7 Mb streaming 1068k,April 2010

file wmv.size 65,8 Mb streaming 1068k,April 2010

dontstopfree videoart,dontstopduration:0:11:27,
file wmv.size 58,7 Mb streaming 768k,April 2010

april 2010april 2010,hatha yoga sessionduration:0:08:000,
file wmv.size 53,2 Mb streaming 768k,April 2010

tdmtdm,free video artduration:0:02:29,
file wmv.size 9,22 Mb streaming 1068k,April 2010

bmtalternative video art duration:0:12:10
file wmv.size 82,4Mb streaming 768k,April 2010

posizioniposizioni duration:0:09:27
file wmv.size 48,3Mb streaming 768k,March 2010

silent_fischsilent_fisch duration:0:04:09
file wmv.size 16,8Mb streaming 1068k,March 2010

duedue duration:0:07:57
file wmv.size 43,1Mb streaming 1068k,March 2010

different-trainingdifferent-training duration:0:09:05
file wmv.size 46,4Mb streaming 768k,March 2010

estetismoestetismo duration:0:02:23
file wmv.size 8,29Mb streaming 768k,March 2010

dance-mooddance-mood duration:0:06:43
file wmv.size 44,6Mb streaming 768k,March 2010

webswebs duration:0:05:03
file wmv.size 24.2Mb streaming 1068k,March 2010

k-yogak-yoga duration:0:06:09
file wmv.size 30,01Mb streaming 1068k,March 2010

sisi duration:0:02:24
file wmv.size 16,1Mb streaming 1068k,March 2010

start_herestart_here duration:0:16:03
file wmv.size 56,9Mb streaming 768k,March 2010

3march_asanas3march_asanas duration:0:05:33
file wmv.size 36,9Mb streaming 768k,March 2010


dry_foxdry_fox duration:0:13:20
file wmv.size 88,2Mb streaming 768k,March 2010

massagesextra-air duration:0:07:49
file wmv.size 53,2Mb streaming 1068k,March 2010

massagesmassages duration:0:18:41
file wmv.size 95,2Mb streaming 768k,February 2010

mutatiomutatio duration:0:16:16
file wmv.size 82,6Mb streaming 768k,February 2010

super_moonsuper_moon duration:0:17:55
file wmv.size 91,3Mb streaming 768k,February 2010

dayday for yoga duration:0:34:01
file wmv.size 174Mb streaming 768k,February 2010

unusual_asanasunusual_asanas duration:0:04:51
file wmv.size 8,62Mb streaming 1068k,February 2010

hatha-yoga_10febhatha-yoga_10feb duration:0:08:51
file wmv.size 45,2Mb streaming 768k,February 2010

why_notwhy_not duration:0:08:36
file wmv.size 42,6Mb streaming 768k,February 2010

sisterssisters duration:0:13:51
file wmv.size 70,6Mb streaming 768k,February 2010

21notte duration:0:15:39
file wmv.size 69,3Mb streaming 768k,February 2010

21cool duration:0:13:00
file wmv.size 64,6Mb streaming 768k,January 2010

21dreams duration:0:05:30
file wmv.size 36,6Mb streaming 768k,January 2010

21antiavatar duration:0:04:13
file wmv.size 20,4Mb streaming 768k,January 2010

2121 duration:0:04:23
file wmv.size 22,22Mb streaming 768k,January 2010

prayerneve duration:0:06:54
file wmv.size 14,5Mb streaming 1068k,January 2010

prayerprayer duration:0:10:26
file wmv.size 53,1Mb streaming 768k,January 2010

insistenceinsistence duration:0:05:26
file wmv.size 27,7Mb streaming 768k,January 2010

nownow duration:0:08:54
file wmv.size 58,5Mb streaming 1068k,January 2010

sapporosapporo duration:0:06:12
file wmv.size 28,4Mb streaming 768k,January 2010

diggingdigging duration:0:03:49
file wmv.size 25,2Mb streaming 768k,January 2010

vegetarianvegetarian duration:0:06:44
file wmv.size 13,1Mb streaming 768k,January 2010

next_summervariation duration:0:08:55
file wmv.size 45,4Mb streaming 768k,December 2009

next_summernext_summer duration:0:04:27
file wmv.size 28,8Mb streaming 768k,December 2009

saasaa duration:0:10:47
file wmv.size 54,9Mb streaming 768k,December 2009

momentsdda,moments from dance duration:0:11:41
file wmv.size 54,4Mb streaming 768k,December 2009

momentsmoments,dance duration:0:05:41
file wmv.size 29,06Mb streaming 768k,December 2009

b1zvuoi,dance duration:0:13:45
file wmv.size 62,11Mb streaming 768k,December 2009

b1z2fu,dance duration:0:08:13
file wmv.size 44Mb streaming 768k,December 2009

b1z3dec,dance duration:0:06:36
file wmv.size 33,7Mb streaming 768k,December 2009

b1znew_send duration:0:06:29
file wmv.size 32,8Mb streaming 768k,December 2009

b1zb1z duration:0:22:26
file wmv.size 114,2Mb streaming 768k,November 2009

w212aw212a duration:0:15:21
file wmv.size 77,1Mb streaming 768k,November 2009

easy_dayeasy_day duration:0:12:26
file wmv.size 82,4Mb streaming 1068k,November 2009

slowly_meslowly_me duration:0:07:28
file wmv.size 38,2Mb streaming 768k,October 2009

front_and_backfront_and_back,hatha-yoga duration:0:09:52
file wmv.size 65,4Mb streaming 768k,October 2009

2without_mewithout_me,second step duration:0:10:18
file wmv.size 52,6Mb streaming 768k,October 2009

from_a_different_point_of_viewfrom_a_different_point_of_view duration:0:07:45
file wmv.size 51,4Mb streaming 1068k,October 2009

garden_xgarden_x duration:0:11:07
file wmv.size 73,8Mb streaming 1068k,October 2009

moving_my_shadowmoving_my_shadow duration:0:05:37
file wmv.size 37,2Mb streaming 1068k,October 2009

without_mewithout_me duration:0:08:46
file wmv.size 37,34Mb streaming 1068k,October 2009

voce_1voce_1 duration:0:30:17
file wmv.size 74,66Mb streaming 768k,October 2009

istinct-for-pleasureistinct-for-pleasure duration:0:07:43
file wmv.size 51,1Mb streaming 1068k,September 2009

naturanatura duration:0:10:59
file wmv.size 55,9Mb streaming 748k,September 2009



after_tangoafter_tango duration:0:05:12
file wmv.size 18,03Mb streaming 748k,August 2009

july-yogajuly-yoga duration:0:11:43
file wmv.size 50,14Mb streaming 748k,July 2009

microsongmicrosong duration:0:05:48
file wmv.size 29,5Mb streaming 748k,July 2009

song_wwsong_ww duration:0:10:21
file wmv.size 22,4Mb streaming 1024k,July 2009

runner2tango duration:0:03:34
file wmv.size 23,88Mb streaming 1024k,July 2009

runner2runner2 duration:0:06:30
file wmv.size 31,88Mb streaming 765k,July 2009

large_nothinglarge_nothing duration:0:22:56
file wmv.size 144,5Mb streaming 765k,July 2009

runnerrunner-first step duration:0:08:52
file wmv.size 44,5Mb streaming 765k,July 2009

wind_xwind_x duration:0:14:01
file wmv.size 64,5Mb streaming 765k,July 2009

quiet_day,hatha-yogaquiet_day duration:0:02:25
file wmv.size 16,21Mb streaming 765k,July 2009

giocaresteps duration:0:05:56
file wmv.size 30,4Mb streaming 765k,June 2009

positions_and_asanaspositions_and_asanas duration:0:09:55
file wmv.size 50,6Mb streaming 765k,June 2009

giocaregiocare duration:0:08:51
file wmv.size 45,2Mb streaming 765k,June 2009

junejune duration:0:12:02
file wmv.size 60,43Mb streaming 765k,June 2009

private_hillsprivate_hills duration:0:08:36
file wmv.size 43,93Mb streaming 765k,June 2009

yoganidrasana_variationsyoganidrasana_variations duration:0:08:38
file wmv.size 44,15Mb streaming 765k,June 2009

quiet_bloodquiet_blood duration:0:06:04
file wmv.size 24,6Mb streaming 765k,June 2009

river-fiumeriver-fiume duration:0:01:25
file wmv.size 9,2Mb streaming 1065k,May 2009

hatha_yoga_processhatha_yoga_process duration:0:07:55
file wmv.size 40,4 Mb streaming 765k,May 2009

yoga_for_birthyoga_for_birth duration:0:09:47
file wmv.size 49,9 Mb streaming 765k,May 2009

arrow_xarrow_x duration:0:09:47
file wmv.size 50 Mb streaming 765k,May 2009

how_to_cook_a_yoginhow_to_cook_a_yogin duration:0:06:05
file wmv.size 31,2 Mb streaming 765k,May 2009

more_silencemore_silence duration:0:08:44
file wmv.size 44,6 Mb streaming 765k,May 2009

behind_the_morningbehind_the_morning duration:0:06:05
file wmv.size 31,2 Mb streaming 765k,May 2009

bio-gamebio-game duration:0:10:51
file wmv.size 40,6 Mb streaming 765k,May 2009

herehere,basic touch duration:0:10:15
file wmv.size 60,5 Mb streaming 765k,May 2009

endnew end duration:0:25:09
file wmv.size 125,9 Mb streaming 765k,April 2009

yogin_nightyogin_night duration:0:04:13
file wmv.size 20,9 Mb streaming 765k,April 2009

for_you_2for_you_2 duration:0:08:32
file wmv.size 29,9 Mb streaming 765k,April 2009

tomorrowtomorrow duration:0:04:09
file wmv.size 27,7 Mb streaming 1074k,April 2009

light_from_soundslight_from_sounds duration:0:16:06
file wmv.size 37,03 Mb streaming 765k,April 2009

inside_asanasinside_asanas duration:0:09:43
file wmv.size 49,6 Mb streaming 765k,April 2009

for_youfor_you duration:0:08:51
file wmv.size 33,6 Mb streaming 765k,April 2009

dimensionsxxdimensionsxx duration:0:07:01
file wmv.size 35,9 Mb streaming 765k,April 2009

love_for_insectslove_for_insects duration:0:08:36
file wmv.size 44,19 Mb streaming 765k,April 2009

openingopening duration:0:07:12
file wmv.size 36 Mb streaming 765k,April 2009

living drawingsliving drawings duration:0:02:27
file wmv.size 12,23 Mb streaming 765k,March 2009

18stepssoul duration:0:07:36
file wmv.size 33,99 Mb streaming 765k,March 2009

18steps18steps duration:0:18:37
file wmv.size 85,9 Mb streaming 765k,March 2009

visual-lovevisual-love duration:0:04:13
file wmv.size 8,68 Mb streaming 765k,March 2009

restlessrestless duration:0:05:55
file wmv.size 30,5 Mb streaming 765k,March 2009

seasonsseasons duration:0:07:48
file wmv.size 39,9 Mb streaming 765k,March 2009

variations_and_trainingvariations_and_training duration:0:09:28
file wmv.size 48 Mb streaming 765k,March 2009

near_younear_you duration:0:24:30
file wmv.size 88,6 Mb streaming 765k,March 2009

bodylotus-visualization duration:0:03:17
file wmv.size 12,7 Mb streaming 765k,March 2009

bodybody-fusion with a dancer duration:0:09:06
file wmv.size 46 Mb streaming 765k,March 2009

bodybody duration:0:07:22
file wmv.size 30 Mb streaming 765k,February 2009

surfacesurface duration:0:04:16
file wmv.size 21,9 Mb streaming 765k,February 2009

rainhatha-yoga experiments duration:0:08:12
file wmv.size 41,9 Mb streaming 765k,February 2009

rainrain duration:0:06:30
file wmv.size 33,1 Mb streaming 765k,February 2009

againagain water duration:0:03:29
file wmv.size 17,57 Mb streaming 765k,February 2009

briobrio duration:0:03:10
file wmv.size 16,2 Mb streaming 765k,February 2009

magicmagic duration:0:19:00
file wmv.size 96 Mb streaming 765k,February 2009

old_friendold_friend duration:0:00:21
file wmv.size 3,2 Mb streaming 1278k,February 2009

gowalking_life duration:0:06:35
file wmv.size 35,3 Mb streaming 765k,February 2009

gogo duration:0:15:15
file wmv.size 85,5 Mb streaming 765k,February 2009

bibliobiblio duration:0:15:12
file wmv.size 116,8 Mb streaming 765k,February 2009

111abstraction111 duration:0:28:58
file wmv.size 108,8 Mb streaming 765k,January 2009

moonmoon duration:0:00:56
file wmv.size 7,3 Mb streaming 1,125k,January 2009

morning_dancemorning_dance duration:0:04:12
file wmv.size 23,4 Mb streaming 765k,January 2009

Hatha_yogaHatha_yoga duration:0:41:24
file wmv.size 103,5 Mb streaming 365k,January 2009

front_lovefront_love duration:0:03:58
file wmv.size 22,05 Mb streaming 765k,January 2009

front_loveinside_me duration:0:02:02
file wmv., size 7,38 Mb streaming 765k,January 2009

front_loveurban_visions duration:0:15:04
file wmv., size 84,8 Mb streaming 765k,January 2009

front_loveweblife duration:0:01:15
file wmv., size 1,47 Mb streaming 765k,January 2009

8sec8sec duration:0:00:08
file wmv., size 0,9 Mb streaming 765k,January 2009

garden3garden3 duration:0:02:21
file wmv., size 13,1 Mb streaming 765k,January 2009

garden_rossogarden_rosso duration:0:03:53
file wmv., size 21,5 Mb streaming 765k,January 2009

househouse duration:0:02:45
file wmv., size 15,3 Mb streaming 765k,January 2009

happy_new_yearhappy_new_year duration:0:08:22
file wmv., size 45,3 Mb streaming 765k,December 2008

happywebhappyweb duration:0:01:40
file wmv., size 9,3 Mb streaming 765k,November 2008

stoyoNAtarajanasana,Eka Pada Rajakapotasana duration:0:03:57
file wmv., size 21,5 Mb streaming 765k,November 2008

stoyostoyo duration:0:10:34
file wmv., size 46,7 Mb streaming 765k,November 2008

behind_mebehind_me duration:0:15:00
file wmv., size 37 Mb streaming 765k,November 2008

mind's_trainingmind's_training duration:0:10:35
file wmv., size 56,9 Mb streaming 765k,November 2008

airtoday duration:0:07:02
file wmv., size 39,3 Mb streaming 765k,November 2008

airair duration:0:07:02
file wmv., size 39,3 Mb streaming 765k,October 2008

cosmology_for_desktopcosmology_for_desktop duration:0:14:32
file wmv., size 80,9 Mb streaming 765k,October 2008


against any memoryagainst any memory duration:0:10:00
file wmv., size 53,4 Mb streaming 765k,October 2008

entityentity duration:0:20:29
file wmv., size 78,1 Mb streaming 518k,October 2008

energynew souls duration:0:14:29
file wmv., size 11,5 Mb streaming 765k,September 2008

energynew energy duration:0:18:46
file wmv., size 86,5 Mb streaming 765k,September 2008

tecnolovetecnolove duration:0:13:55
file wmv., size 77,4 Mb streaming 765k,September 2008

garbage inside the beautygarbage inside the beauty duration:0:14:01
file wmv., size 78 Mb streaming 765k,September 2008

out of pressureout of pressure duration:0:15:32
file wmv., size 86 Mb streaming 765k,September 2008

mind_encodermind_encoder duration:0:08:18
file wmv., size 43,1 Mb streaming 765k,September 2008

piano-songvirtual landscape duration:0:06:07
file wmv., size 32,7 Mb streaming 765k,August 2008

virtual landscapevirtual landscape duration:0:01:56
file wmv., size 7,40 Mb streaming 765k,August 2008

waves from yogawaves from yoga duration:0:18:00
file wmv., size 62,5 Mb streaming 548k,August 2008

dancing at nightdancing at night duration:0:08:43
file wmv., size 33,8 Mb streaming 735k,August 2008

piano-concertpiano-concert duration:0:17:19
file wmv., size 94,8 Mb streaming 735k,July 2008

perceptionperceptions duration:0:17:18
file wmv., size 38,2 Mb streaming 735k,July 2008

songpeace duration:0:08:22
file wmv., size 43,5 Mb streaming 735k,July 2008

birdbird at night duration:0:03:22
file wmv., size 18,3 Mb streaming 735k,July 2008

songsong duration:0:06:42
file wmv., size 30,6 Mb streaming 735k,July 2008

landscapedeep motion duration:0:03:47
file wmv., size 20,7 Mb streaming 735k,July 2008

landscapelandscape duration:0:16:59
file wmv., size 63,3 Mb streaming 548k,July 2008

first stepfirst step duration:0:06:35
file wmv., size 35,9 Mb streaming 765k,June 2008

urban farmerurban farmer duration:0:01:29
file wmv., size 8,12 Mb streaming 765k,June 2008

love melove me duration:0:00:42
file wmv., size 4,27MB streaming 765k,June 2008

video-istinctvideo-istinct duration:0:20:58
file wmv., size 81,6MB, streaming 548k,June 2008

citycity duration:0:00:26
file wmv., size 2,26MB, streaming 764k,June 2008

citycity duration:0:08:53
file wmv., size 48,5MB, streaming 764k,June 2008

bus-stationbus-station duration:0:00:16
file wmv., size 01,86MB, streaming 764k,June 2008

strategy for lovestrategy of love duration:0:04:05
file wmv., size 22,03MB, streaming 764k,May 2008

dreamerdreamer duration:0:01:21
file wmv., size 7.45MB, streaming 764k,May 2008

video-lifevideo-life duration:0:08:34
file wmv., size 21,2MB, streaming 548k,May 2008

touching the lyzardtouching the lyzard duration:0:14:51
file wmv., size 57,7MB, streaming 548k,May 2008

remember meremember me duration:0:06:27
file wmv., size 24,99MB, streaming 548k,May 2008

a new starta new start duration:0:04:22
file wmv., size 17MB, streaming 548k,May 2008


lightold style-body duration:0:20:13
file wmv., size 62,3MB, streaming 548k,April 2008

lightacoustic light duration:0:07:13
file wmv., size 26,3MB, streaming 548k,April 2008


alien floweralien flower duration:0:07:14
file wmv., size 28,1MB, streaming 548k,March 2008

body-mindbody-mind duration:0:04:44
file wmv., size 12MB, streaming 548k,March 2008

sad oceansad ocean duration:0:07:14
file wmv., size 27,9MB, streaming 548k,March 2008

here you arehere you are duration:0:20:22
file wmv., size 74,8MB, streaming 548k,March 2008

concentrationconcentration duration:0:10:22
file wmv., size 42,2 MB, streaming 548k,March 2008

homehome duration:0:09:13
file wmv., size 35,7 MB, streaming 548k,January 2008

energy and life energy and life duration:0:08:29
file wmv., size 33,2 MB, streaming 548k,January 2008

painting a new wall painting a new wall duration:0:09:14
file wmv., size 17,28 MB, streaming 748k,January 2008

happy new year happy new year duration:0:06:12
file wmv., size 24,1 MB, streaming 548k,January 2008



about dance dance,dance,dance duration:0:08:15
file wmv., size 30,6 MB, streaming 548k,November 2007

liquid  mind liquid mind duration:0:06:44
file wmv., size 26,1 MB, streaming 548k,November 2007

against the future against the future duration:0:05:35
file wmv., size 21,7 MB, streaming 548k,November 2007


urban landscape urban water duration:0:06:16
file wmv., size 24,6 MB, streaming 548k,November 2007

delirium a quiet sound duration:0:06:56
file wmv., size 26,9 MB, streaming 548k,October 2007


Nature, landscape, just walking around

old_friendold_friend duration:0:00:21
file wmv.size 3,2 Mb streaming 1278k,February 2009

birdbird at night duration:0:03:22
file wmv., size 18,3 Mb streaming 735k,July 2008

urban landscape urban water duration:0:06:16
file wmv., size 24,6 MB, streaming 548k,November 2007

organism inside lifenatural life duration:0:02:27
file wmv., size 8,2 MB, streaming 548k,October 2007

just very short videos, just seconds  

old_friendold_friend duration:0:00:21
file wmv.size 3,2 Mb streaming 1278k,February 2009

moonmoon duration:0:00:56
file wmv.size 7,3 Mb streaming 1,125k,January 2009

8secgarden3 duration:0:00:08
file wmv., size 0,9 Mb streaming 765k,January 2009

citycity duration:0:00:26
file wmv., size 2,26MB, streaming 764k,June 2008

bus-stationbus-station duration:0:00:16
file wmv., size 01,86MB, streaming 764k,June 2008